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Water Park Back to the Past

Council plans for Kershaw Gardens do look exciting and the justification of the expense that Rockhampton needs attractions like this not only for locals to enjoy but a reason for the drive through tourists to stop and spend time (and money) is a valid one, with or without a future ring road. You only have to look at Miriam Vale’s Lions Park to see the difference the $4 million revamp has made to that once ‘only stop for fuel’ town.
I recall Bruce Diamond suggesting a water park for Kershaw Garden’s in one of his earlier election campaigns. Looks like Bruce was ahead of this time.
Before getting carried away with this sometime in the future redevelopment what is presently happening with the North Rockhampton pool?
Last weekend the Southside 50 metre pool was closed to public access due to a swimming carnival and the North Rocky pool is still under re-construction. I recall the original plan was to reopen in October last year, sensibly in time for summer, then you think as this deadline passed the pressure would have been applied to have it ready by the school holidays, but as we near their end the pools’ completion still appears some time off. The Council web site does not even provide an expected re-opening date.
As Rock Pool Water Park, the North Rocky pool was an attraction locals could enjoy and did give tourists a reason to stop and spend time and money there.
The upgraded Southside pool is great but no Rock Pool Water Park or those who can remember Aquatic Adventureland.
Hard to believe nothing has come close to the fun and excitement Aquatic Adventureland generated since it was built in 1982.
I understand no large water slides are part of the North Rockhampton pool redevelopment (nor Kershaw Gardens) which is a shame. A Wet ‘n’ Wild water park would be a winner with locals and tourists (granted financially it may be different).
Emerald have 3 water slides at their council owned pool. The lessees are paying back the council over 20 years the installation costs from the extra revenue generated. Is it possible this could be done for the North Rocky pool too? Best get the pool itself completed first though to enable the lessee to start earning some revenue.

With what is happening at Shoalwater Bay I wonder if Bruce Diamond was only slightly ahead of his time when proposing the Beef n’Barra capital of Australia rebadging of Rockhampton in the local government elections last year. Don’t be discouraged Bruce keep coming up with the ideas. Amazing what time does. Good Ideas don’t age, they might just claimed by others though.

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